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DIY Shaker Pegs to make your own individually styled peg rails.

Individual Shaker coat pegs are available, sold loose, so that you can now make up your own Shaker style peg rails to any length, from a single coat hook to a complete room. These individual Pegs have plain tenons and simply need a 1/2 (12.5 mm) hole drilled in your timber of choice. They are left bare and ready to receive your own finish. The  Shaker coat peg at the top of the picture is hand turned from local oak and except for the threading of the tenon is exactly the same as the hand turned pegs used on my oak peg rails. The lower Shaker coat peg is machine turned from Maple, which will stain and paint very well. It will also look good with a clear finish. Although not having the same fine detailing as my hand turned Shaker pegs, these Shaker  pegs are exceptionally good value for money. Especially for large projects or where the cost of hand turned pegs can’t be justified.

I have even used these Shaker pegs in the kitchen to make mug hooks, this can work equally well with the peg rail either horizontal or vertical. Just space the pegs to suite your size mug or cup!

Oak Shaker Pegs have a round tenon 3/4” long x 1/2” diam ( 20mm x 12.5 mm ) and when fitted have a projection from the rail of 2 3/4” ( 70 mm ) The body has a diameter of 3/4” ( 19 mm ) and the head a diameter of 1” ( 25 mm ) These dimensions are all historically correct and have been taken from known original examples.

Maple Shaker Pegs have a round tenon 5/8” long x 1/2” diam (16mm x 12.5 mm ) and have a projection from the rail face of 2 7/8” ( 75 mm ) when fitted. The body has a diameter of 11/16” ( 17 mm ) and the head a diameter of 7/8” ( 22 mm )

Shaker Pegs in both Oak and Maple to realise your own peg rails
Oak and Maple Shaker Pegs










A little history and ideas for my Shaker Pegs.

Peg Rails were traditionally used by the Shakers as a utilitarian way of suspending their furniture when cleaning. Leaving the floor clear and easier to work on. Although they may have hung a hat or coat on the nearest convenient peg, their clothes were generally kept in drawers. The drawers were in a communal area and quite large. Each member of the community had his or her own designated drawer. The drawers held summer or winter cloths, alternatively. These were changed over according to millennium laws by command of the elders. Peg Rails were also used to permanently hold various small pieces of furniture like a hanging cupboard, shelf or candle sconce. The Shakers set their peg rails at between 6 and 7 feet from the ground in a continuous run going all the way around a room. Copying this can give a dramatic effect to a room and set the theme. This can be especially effective in a kitchen and useful in a dressing room or bedroom.

This is how the shakers used their peg rails and kept floors clear for cleaning.
Shaker pegs in use








Photo care of Richard Taylor

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