Shaker Pedestal Table

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Shaker Pedestal Table, entirely hand made to heritage quality.


This small Shaker pedestal table is extremely versatile, adapting itself to so many different situations and needs. Originally designed as a utilitarian candle stand. A touch of the original makers genius has transformed this simple item of everyday use, into an iconic symbol of the Shaker’s mastery of form. It looks as modern today as it must have done in 1800 when it was first produced in the Mount Lebanon workshops. It could indeed be easily mistaken for a piece of Danish Modern, in fact this genre was heavily influenced by Shaker design. This small table is definitely one of my favorite items of furniture design, because I can not think of any other piece of unique design, that so effortlessly displays such a timeless character and is as comfortable in all backgrounds, modern or traditional.

Being entirely handmade it is available in Walnut (shown) Oak or Wild Cherry. Please enquire if you would prefer a different timber.



Table dimensions  (405mm) diameter  (650 mm) high.


Product Statement

Like all my furniture and accessories, these rails are handmade from timber grown near my workshop. This together with other ecologically friendly practices makes their carbon footprint as small as I can get it at the moment; still working on improving that







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Weight 5,00 kg

Walnut, Cherry, Oak


Cherry, Oak, Walnut