Elders Oak Shaker Peg Rail, Cherry Pegs

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My Elders Oak Shaker Peg Rail,  painstakingly crafted to heritage quality.

Made from fine selected Oak, they feature hand turned and threaded Cherry Shaker Pegs.

This particularly lovely example of an Elders Oak Shaker peg rail, oozes quality in a pleasantly refined and understated way. Each Oak peg rail is carefully selected and planed, then receives several hand applied coats of lacquer, the rail is then rubbed down by hand before the next coat is applied. Each rail is personally signed and dated. The Shaker pegs themselves are hand turned from wild cherry. The ends threaded, so that they screw into the back rail, making the firmest of fixings. These Shaker pegs receive the same finish as the rail,. The whole is then hand waxed before packing.

The Oak peg rails relish in fine detail and quality that is rarely found today. Called the “Elders Rail” because although the Shakers shunned unnecessary “worldliness” those things which adorned the Elders quarters were made with extra care. The timber selected and presented in a way that celebrated nature to full effect.

The Oak peg rail is a full 100 mm wide x the length of your selected choice. The Cherry pegs are spaced at 152mm centres, being set in 76 mm from each end. Therefore they can be butted together to make a continuous run. Let me know at time of ordering and I will configure the joints (free of charge) with a loose tenon to make jointing easier. The Shaker Pegs are 90mm long overall and protrude from the rail 73mm. The peg rails are supplied with all necessary fixings and small oak plugs to cover the fixing screws, giving a neat and professional finish. Like all my furniture and accessories, these peg rails are handmade from timber grown near my workshop. This together with other ecologically friendly practices makes their carbon footprint as small as I can get it at the moment; still working on improving that.

These superlative Oak peg rails are available in the following sizes.

Size 1: 45.7cm/18in Long + 3 pegs.     Size 2: 61cm/24in Long + 4 pegs.   

Size 3: 91.4cm/36in Long + 6 pegs.    Size 4:120.2cm/48in Long + 8 pegs.   

Size 5: 137.2cm/54in Long + 9 pegs.

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Size 1: 45.7cm/18in Long + 3 pegs, Size 2: 61cm/24in Long + 4 pegs, Size 3: 91.4cm/36in Long + 6 pegs, Size 4:120.2cm/48in Long + 8 pegs, Size 5: 137.2cm/54in Long + 9 pegs