DIY Shaker Oak Peg Rail, Solid Hardwood Kit.


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DIY Oak SHAKER Peg Rail Kit in Solid Hardwood, representing excellent value for money.

Each Oak Shaker peg rail kit is handmade from solid Oak, ensuring a consistent quality. The timber used for the back board is locally grown and seasoned Oak. Each coat rack is individually shaped and sanded making it ready to receive your chosen finish. Primarily intended to be stained or painted, there may or may not be small natural defects in the timber. If present (which is rare) they are relatively small and will have been filled with a neutral colour filler which will stain if needed. Therefore the Oak peg rails are equally suitable to receive a clear lacquer or can be stained as preferred. These DIY Oak Shaker peg rails make a perfect canvas for expressing your own creative talents, exactly where and how you envision it. By contrasting the tone or colour of the rail with the pegs you can make a more dramatic and individual statement.


Oak Shaker Peg Rail DIY Kit


The Oak rail is 100 mm wide, Pegs spaced at 152mm centers, the end hooks set in 76mm, so that the racks can be fixed in continuous runs. The ends of the rails are left “sharp” to facilitate but jointing. Pegs are 90mm long overall and project from the face of the rail 73mm. The Oak peg rail kits are supplied with all fixings, including small hardwood caps to cover and conceal the fixing screws.

These Oak “Shaker” peg rail kits  are available in the following sizes.

Size 1: 45,7 cm long+3 Pegs

Size 2: 61cm long+4 Pegs

Size 3: 91,4 cm long+6 Pegs

Size 4: 120.2cm long+8 Pegs

Need a special size Oak peg rail? Ask for time schedule and price here.

Please note that 120,2cm is the longest size that can be shipped, if longer runs are needed these can be made in sections with loose tongue to align the joints.

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Like all my furniture and accessories, these peg rails are handmade from timber grown near my workshop. This together with other ecologically friendly practices makes their carbon footprint as small as I can get it at the moment; still working on improving that

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Size 1: 45,7 cm long+3 Pegs, Size 2: 61cm long+4 Pegs, Size 3: 91,4 cm long+6 Pegs, Size 4: 120.2cm long+8 Pegs