Some examples of work recently finished, both creation and Restoration.

Arts and Crafts Hall Rack




Arts and Crafts Hall Rack
Arts and Crafts Hall Rack in oak with small panels of Irridised glass and featuring stylised cast iron hooks.





Bespoke Design Library and Small Desk
Original design, Oak Table. Seen here in the workshop before delivery.
Another Oak table of original design, large enough to seat 18. This time just after delivery.






This is a restoration of an ebonised table in the style of André-Charles Boulle. Hear seen in the condition it arrived





And here following restoration. Extensive work was needed to the lower structure of the table, which had been gnawed by the owners dog.



















18 century Carter de Pendule, again in the style of A-C Boulle. Approximately 120 pieces of brass and tortoiseshell (because of a much needed moratorium on turtles, we now use a substitute) were used in this restoration, which took more than 100 hours to complete.
Pendule, pretty much as it arrived.